A Few Holiday Pet Precautions

Holiday Pet Precautions - A photo of a puppy in a Santa hatIt’s the holiday season… Here are a few things to watch out for with your furry loved ones:

  • Chocolate: this is toxic to pets, it can cause elevated heart rate, hyperexcitabilitydiarrhea, muscle tremors and seizures.
  • Christmas ornaments: Yes, they are pretty to look at, but dogs and cats love to play with shiny objects, which can lead to them swallowing pieces, causing GI upset or even an obstruction. Keep holiday decorations safely out of reach wherever possible.
  • Tinsel: cats love playing with this! However, it can cause a linear foreign body and lead to surgery
  • Ribbon: cats again, they love string, well, lots of ribbon is used on presents, but be careful, because this can also lead to an obstruction and surgery
  • Christmas lights: Animals are silly and like to chew on things they should not chew on. If they chew on the lights, this could lead to burns in the mouth or electric shock, leading to pulmonary edema, too. Holiday light of all kinds should be out of reach for four-legged friends.
  • Trees: live trees can cause irritation if ingested to the mouth, esophagus, stomach or GI tract (your pet could shows signs of drooling, decreased appetite, vomiting, or even become obstructed)
  • Ham: Be careful not to feed your pet any pork products or other fatty meats. This could lead to an upset stomach,even pancreatitis. It is best to give your pet their regular diet as usual over the holidays.
  • Guests: Be vigilant when guests come to your home. This is a busy and exciting time for pets and they may get out into the street and get hit by a car or lost. Assigning a family member to be in charge of the pet throughout the day to ensure they don’t get near an open door.

Regional hopes that you have a happy, healthy and safe holiday. We are here 24/7 for you and your furry loved one. If you just want to say hi, be sure to visit our Facebook page!

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