Harmful Foods for Pets

harmful foods for petsWho isn’t tempted to share their food with their pet? Many people don’t know about all of the harmful foods for pets to eat.

Here are some common statements along this line:

“Grapes are good for me, why not Fluffy, too?”

“Oops Mommy I dropped my box of raisins!” “Don’t worry honey, the dog will eat them.”

“Here Fluffy, you can have some of my French fries, steak or bacon, now you won’t beg anymore.”

This is a common thought that many pet owners have about many of the foods we eat (or should eat…) all the time. Most pet owners are aware that chocolate can be harmful to their pet. But did you know that grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic, just to name a few, are also toxic? These harmful pet foods are some very seemly innocent foods, but they can really make your pet sick.

A little harmful food for pets, can do a lot of damage

Even the smallest amount of some of these harmful foods for pets can pose significant health risks to your pets. For example, such foods can cause kidney failure, anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, arrhythmias, even death.

Fatty and fried foods should also be avoided. Pork products, steak, chicken skin, etc. could taste great to your pet. However, they can lead to severe gastrointestinal upset or, even worse, pancreatitis.

While it is okay to share some human foods (in moderation) with your canine or feline companion, it is always best to check with your veterinarian prior to giving them that “good for you” treat.

Do not hesitate to contact Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center if you have any questions or concerns about your pet. We are happy to help you and your furry friends 24/7.

For a more complete list of food to avoid feeding, please visit: <http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/people-foods-avoid-feeding-your-pets>

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