We will all miss Willie, the adorable cat Regional fell in love with

Willie Willie was an adorable overweight cat that came to us in need of a forever home. RegionalVet provided him with a temporary home while we searched for that special someone to give him the care that he needed. He quickly made RegionalVet his home. He was loved by all at the hospital and the team worked diligently to help him shed some of his unhealthy weight. Willie was so affectionate and really took to everyone. It became the norm to find him snuggled in someone’s lap while they worked on one of the hospital’s many computers.

As fate would have it, Willie found a permanent home with Mike Lando of Premier Technologies. Willie was instantly a loving part of the Lando family. Unfortunately, shortly after being adopted, Willie became very ill. He presented one evening with a sudden onset of lethargy and anorexia. He was admitted to hospital for whatever therapeutics and diagnostics were necessary to try to save his life. It was difficult for the team to see our beloved Willie so suddenly ill.

The morning after he was admitted, Dr. Talia Guttin, one of Regional’s Internal Medicine Specialists, worked feverishly to uncover the cause of Willie’s symptoms. After a battery of tests, including a variety of blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound, Dr. Guttin feared that he was experiencing the failure of both his kidneys and his liver. Tragically, it became clear that Willie’s multiorgan failure was a condition which we would be unable to help. In the face of incredible sadness, the difficult decision had to be made to end his suffering.

Willie is a patient that brought a significant amount of joy to anyone he came in contact with and that’s something special. He will be missed by all. It’s hard to say goodbye to a friend we have all fallen in love with, but at RegionalVet we believe that kind of compassion enables us to provide the best possible care.

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